Dance school –


The task was to present on the website of the dance in a different and more emotionally intelligent way.






dance school -
dance school -


The main task is to make the user take action – going through each page to reach a school presence.

The vision of is modern and interactive and encourages the user to consistently move from page to page.

Each page is arranged logically and is related to the previous one.

The site is atypical because the user experience ends with action.

Both the logo and the slogan are placed in the top bar.


The two main colours are black and white, which are borrowed from Yin and Yang. There is a third, accent colour – red, which symbolizes the passion in dance.


The whole site is built in sections.

The shapes used are circles and rectangles.


Fonts are simple, sans serif and easy to read on all devices.


Real photos of the instructors were used.

One of the sections contains a video that presents the steps of the dance.

Real images of dancing couples were also used.


  • Home 100% 100%
  • The Woman 100% 100%
  • The Man 100% 100%
  • The Dance 100% 100%
  • The Music 100% 100%
  • The Academy 100% 100%
  • The Lessons 100% 100%
  • The Schedule 100% 100%
  • The Events 100% 100%
  • The Contacts 100% 100%

Components of the website

We have added a banner on each page of to allow visitors to navigate quickly and easily.

The site has a separate menu that contains your favourite music, collected in thematic playlists. The songs can be listened to through external links to other platforms.

The page contains a schedule in tabular form, which provides information about the lessons.

Added a menu to report information on all current and upcoming events. An external link to the official event is added to each event.

dance school -
dance school -

Additional tools

The site of has an integrated modules that connect the site to specific music platforms:

– Soundcloud;

– Spotify;

– Youtube.

In addition, there is an integrated google map – a map that, if opened via a mobile device, directly navigates to the school’s addresses in Sofia and Plovdiv.

Quick links to social networks have also been added.

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