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This site was created as an information centre representing business in Romania and Bulgaria. His focus is on all business news and events concerning business and relations between the two countries.




Business Blog 



The main task was to create an information platform presenting the most important things in the world of business relations between Romania and Bulgaria.

The design of MyRo.Biz is simple, clean and modern.

The interface is simple and easy to navigate. We have divided the website in blog and events section. 


The main colours of the site are white, dark grey, black and fuchsia. The goal was to achieve an optimal balance between bright and signal colours, but at the same time not to strain the eye while the reader navigates the site.


All shapes are standard – squares and rectangles.


Fonts are simple and sans-serif.


The images used on the site are photos.


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Components of the website

The main goal of the site MyRo.Biz is to present the business relations between Romania and Bulgaria, as well as important events related to the topic.

For this reason, the site is divided into 2 main parts – blog news and events.

The home page of the site is a collection of all important elements of the site – it immediately shows the main topics in the blog and the latest events.

From it, you can easily navigate to the internal parts of the site and its elements – contacts, newsletter.

The overall structure of the site was created to be modern and for users to navigate easily and quickly.

The interface is responsive to all types of devices and looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.


Additional tools

The additional tools on the site are aimed at marketing tools, protection and speed optimization.

There is a newsletter subscription form on the main page as well as on a separate one.

Each article can be shared on social networks, thanks to a button at the end of the text. Under each article and section with more posts from the same category.

The side section has quick links to the other categories of articles, as well as the latest one added to the blog.

An option has been added for the users of the site to agree to the general conditions and cookies.

Additional protections have been added to the site, and it is optimized to load quickly for both desktop and mobile devices.

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