Vitamin D

Nature Day – Vitamin D

online store

Development of an online store with one product – spray with vitamin D.





Online Store

vitamin d
vitamin d


Our main task was to build the whole site of Vitamin D on one main page.

The design of Vitamin D is sunny and as simple as possible. The vision is clear, without unnecessary images.

The site is extremely easy to navigate. After pressing a button from the navigation menu, the user is taken to the desired section by scrolling.


The main two colours of the site are white and yellow-orange, which are as close as possible to the product packaging.


The site has both regular and asymmetrical shapes.


Fonts are simple and sans-serif.


The site combines the use of real photos of the product with vector images and infographics.


  • Home 100% 100%
  • Effect 100% 100%
  • Information 100% 100%
  • Content and dosage 100% 100%
  • FAQ 100% 100%

Components of the website

We have listed the key benefits of the product and added a section with very detailed information on the circumstances under which the product is suitable to take and what its effect is.

In a separate section we put its content, dosage, and for what age it is suitable.

We have also added a section with frequently asked questions, the answers to which will guide users as quickly as possible.

vitamin d
vitamin d

Additional tools

We have added an option to quickly dial the phone to order via a mobile device.

We have simplified the steps for ordering, and after pressing the “buy” button, the user is taken to the final page to complete the order.

We have reduced the mandatory order fields.

We’ve added a video tracking of the user sessions.

We installed Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

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